MillennialNOW is your go-to for everything social, political, and environmental activism from a voice as young and fresh as yours. Why not get involved today? 

About Us

MillennialNOW is a media and news company based in Toronto, Canada, but our content and mission are global. Founded in 2018, we aim to give young people all the tools and resources they need to be more involved in social, political, and environmental activism.


  • News writing & advocacy: Daily updates on what’s going wrong (and right!) in the world.
  • Education & training: Basically, all the DIY activism goodness.
  • Brand partnerships: Bragging about brands and retailers that are doing right.
  • Retail: T-shirt designs to help you flaunt your MillennialNOW pride to the world.


The MillennialNOW Mission

Our ultimate goal is to help young people break the pattern of scrolling mindlessly on social media. Yes, we went there! We want to provide you (yes, you!) with:

  1. Content that matters to you.
  2. Content that inspires you to make a difference in the world.
  3. Content that helps you use media and technology to scroll with purpose.


Want In?

This sound like your cup of tea, coffee, kombucha or whatever lovely beverage you drink? MillennialNOW is a community, it’s a movement. We’re always looking for young people like you to get involved with what we’re doing.


Join the MillennialNOW fam today and find out how you can start making this world a better place!