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<META name=”description” content=”MillennialNOW’s blog covers everything from news, politics, social justice, DIY activism, ethical brands, and more.”> 

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This page is important to my site because this the blog is what I expect MillennialNOW will be most known for – especially because we are a media and news company. This page is where site visitors will really engage with MillennialNOW and our content. This page is very important to be SEO efforts because it has the ability to attract large numbers of people to the site depending on what the specific blog post is talking about. Just like blogs for many company websites, this page and its subsequent posts will most likely serve as the main entry points to our site. I chose these keywords because they highlight what the blog section is about, which is news about politics and social justice as well as DIY activism hacks. I kept these keywords fairly general however because the main hope would be to use more specific keywords in the individual posts that would drive people to this section of the site.



The MillennialNOW blog has everything you need when it comes to world news and politics, social justice topics, DIY activism hacks, and more. 

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