3 Powerful “We” Statements That Drive Everything We Do At MillennialNOW


We Reach The Young & The Activist

via GIPHY: just an example of who we’re reaching on the regular.


MillennialNOW is a unique movement putting the voice of young people first in the global conversation about environmental, political, and human rights. Despite what the older generation might say, we know that you care about what’s going on in the world. (Don’t believe us? The 2016 Millennial Impact Report proves we’re not crazy!) It’s time that you found a place to stay informed about what’s going on in the world that speaks to you, not ignores you.

If you identify with any of these statements, MillennialNOW is probably for you:

  • I am a young person around the age of 18-25.
  • I am active on social media.
  • I don’t like the current state the world is in.
  • I have been involved (or want to be involved) in social movements.
  • I am looking to connect with people who are as passionate as me.
  • I believe I have the ability to make a difference in this world.


We Are Fun, Just Like You!

via GIPHY: what better way to show how fun we are than with a GIF of Liza!


We are bringing a fun, fresh voice to the global activism conversation and we want you to be a part of it.

We know that we’re new to the activism scene, but we don’t think that’s a bad thing. Change can be good, are we right? It’s our goal for you to get to know who we are and what we’re about so that we can be your ride or die for everything young and activism.

Trust is important and we’re on this journey together because MillennialNOW is as a good as you make it. We bring you the right information and the right resources at the right time and you… well, you do something with it!

Sound like a plan?


We Empower You To Make This World A Better Place

via GIPHY: This fist might be basic, but the work we’re doing is far from that.


Basically, we believe that change starts with all of us. But activism looks a lot different today than it used to. Not sure what activism for you would look like? We drafted a little something-something that might give you a better idea.

Your Activism Journey:

  1. Find: Whether it was social media or a conversation with a friend, you found us.
  2. Evaluate & Navigate: After reading through some of our pages, you decide that we’re different in all the right ways, you like what we’re doing, and you want to find out more. (OMG, we’re blushing already!)
  3. Engage & Act: You use info from our news stories to educate your friends, you take our DIY tips and organize your own movement on your school campus, or you purchase a product from the NOWshop. Whatever it is, you like what we’re doing so much that you want in.
  4. Share, Share, Share: You take to social media to share all the wonderful things you did in Step 3 and how MillennialNOW helped you, encouraging others to get involved and do the same.
  5. Rinse & Repeat: Like all good things, we come back and do it again!


Sound like your kind of thing?

Start your activism journey today! 

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