Millennials Are Changing The Way We Do Activism. Period.

In August, the Washington Post came out with an article sharing how millennials are moving from being passive social contributors to the leaders of a new kind of activism:

"Millennials are no longer limited to traditional forms of civic engagement. The opportunities for sharing political and social views are more diverse, and therefore millennials have ample avenues to share opinions, unite with likeminded people regardless of geography, and push to move the needle on issues they care about."

In the past, millennials have gotten a lot of hate. Apathy, unwillingness to act, or acting for mere selfish gain and popularity are among some of the negative stereotypes our generation has had to deal with. Now, we won't lie and say that we've always been interested in making a difference in the world - no generation has. But, we do have the ability to completely revolutionize social and political movements. Some people, like the Washington Post, argue that we already have.

In other words, due to advancements in technology and our unique way of viewing the world, millennials have gotten a bad rep for not caring - when in fact we do care... we just show it in different ways than our parents did.

Young people have a unique opportunity to impact the world for the better. It's up to us to stare these negative stereotypes in the face and prove the haters wrong.

Read the original article in the Washington Post...

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