News & Advocacy:

Your daily updates on what’s going wrong (and right!) in the world.


Basically, all the DIY activism goodness, like how to make your own protest sign and oh so much more!

Brand Features:

Features of the latest ethical brands and retailers you can support.


Funny, sassy, and - of course - political t-shirt designs that help you flaunt your MillennialNOW pride to the world.


An online community where you can talk and share with others like you.


The place to put your activism skills to the test - how much do you really know about what's happening in the world? Do you have what it takes to be an activist?

Image of protestors at MillennialNOW rally.

Alyssa (Canada)

MillennialNOW has offered me a much-needed hub for all things activism. Whether it's receiving regular updates about what's going on in the world or telling me what kinds of ethical brands I can support... this organization is the best!

Teagan (Australia)

You might not realize it, but MillennialNOW isn't just for Canadians. I love this brand and I love the cheeky t-shirt designs in their NOWshop.